There are lots of reasons why you may want a brand new tablet in 2013. Some tablets are made for reading more than anything else, and others are made for multimedia and entertainment. There are limits to smaller machines, but consider that most models allow you to upgrade memory, etc. If you want something that is more in-between in terms of computing ability, then tablets in 2013 are ideal.

What To Pay Attention to in 2013 Tablets

Ranking very highly in the reviews is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 made by Samsung, and one thing is you won’t be lacking for functionality. There are some issues with Samsung though because they copied some things from Apple that got them in a lot of legal hot water.


Nothing can replace the feeling and feedback you get by having it in your hands, so visit some retail stores. The touchscreen is an impressive resolution of 1200 x 800 which allows for a rich viewing experience, and you won’t have any problems running resource intensive applications and will satisfy the most demanding users. The Dell Streak 7 has some positive features but one glaring negative is the battery life is a measly 3.5 hours worth on a full charge.


While that may not be a problem for some people, I’m sure it will be for others and you need to know about it. There is a way to get 4G connectivity, but it’s not with Dell – it’s with T-Mobile. Dell does not impress with the Streak 7 for a variety of reasons, and you can do more research on this if you want to find out the story.


A very simple tablet that has simple features is the Viewsonic ViewPad 7. But there is a market for the ViewPad 7 since it is designed to not cost very much. Find more information about firefox switchproxy on


While the ViewPad 7 uses Android 2.2 as an OS, you may be disappointed with the limited memory of just half a gig. This device uses Google Mobile and features 3G connectivity and is portable, so it may be a good choice if you travel a lot and want a very portable tablet.


If you get this, then the first thing you should do is see about getting more memory. Tablets are only getting more popular, and that means they’re only going to get better.


The makers of these devices are trying very hard to capture your attention, so give them your time. Tablets are something that are easy to find good information about, so get going on it.